Made With Love: The Reeded Cake Stand

It's no secret, we're completely infatuated with Cake Stands here at Prop Options. Consumed by our love of this incredible industry, we continue to push forward with innovative and fresh new products to keep the passion alive. With that being said, what better time to take a closer look at our new Reeded Cake Stands than the season of love! Now available in the most stunning pastel pink, and a beautiful vibrant red, these won't fail to attract the right attention this Valentine's.

We Talk Your Love Language

Recently, we worked with our Brand Ambassador, Jen from Cakey Lulu's, to create a Valentine-inspired display and we think you will agree, the results are simply stunning. Take a look through our gallery below to join us as we fall head over heels for these pink and red lovers. 

Be Our Valentines, Forever

Love is not just for Valentine's, it's forever. With this in mind, these pink and red Reeded cakes stands are not just for Valentine's Day celebrations, their elegant style makes them the perfect choice for any celebration, from birthdays to weddings, baptisms and more, and here's why! 

  1. Unparalleled Elegance: The Reeded Cake Stand exudes elegance with its sleek and sophisticated design. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this stand boasts a lustrous finish that adds a touch of luxury to any cake display. Whether you're presenting a wedding cake or a birthday masterpiece, the Reeded Cake Stand will effortlessly elevate your presentation.
  2. Versatile Design: We understand that every cake design is unique, and that's why the Reeded Cake Stand offers versatility like no other. Available in a range of colours, and soon to be launched in square and scalloped designs, its large array of options and interchangeable features offer you the option to customize the display to suit your cake's dimensions and design perfectly. Whether you have a towering tiered cake or a petite single-layer creation, this stand can accommodate them all with ease.
  3. Attention to Detail and On Trend: At Prop Options, we aim to stay ahead of the curve, making sure you can always be right on trend. We also believe that the smallest details can make the biggest impact. The Reeded Cake Stand showcases our commitment to craftsmanship with its intricate reeded pattern. This subtle yet eye-catching detail adds a touch of sophistication to the stand, making it a true centrepiece for your cake display.
  4. Stability and Durability: We understand the importance of a stable cake stand, especially when supporting delicate creations. The Reeded Cake Stand is designed with stability in mind, featuring a sturdy, hollow base that makes it easy to transport and weight to suit your cake design, ensuring it remains secure throughout the event - ceramic baking beans make the perfect companion, find out more! Premium, eco-friendly materials ensure the stand is built to last, making it a worthwhile investment for any cake enthusiast, while being easily recyclable should the stand retire from the spotlight. 
  5. Strong, Level and Reliable: The Reeded Cake Stand is not only a visual delight but also a breeze to work with, being level, easy to clean, and most importantly, ultra-reliable. Stylish and reliable, what more could you want in a dream partner? 

When it comes to showcasing your cake designs, the Reeded Cake Stand from Prop Options is the ultimate choice. Its unparalleled elegance, versatile design, attention to detail, stability, and easy maintenance make it the perfect companion for any cake artist.

Don't settle for ordinary cake stands that fail to do justice to your creations. Elevate your cake designs with the Reeded Stand and let your cakes shine like never before. Order yours today and experience the difference it can make in presenting your edible works of art. Explore the whole collection below.