The Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide 2024

Welcome to Prop Options’ Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide 2024.

We’re thrilled to help make your special day even more memorable with our exquisite cake stands and display options.

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Choosing the right cake stand
Wedding Cake Styles for 2024
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Spacers and separators
Cake Size Guide

Choosing the right Cake Stand

Pedestal Stands

Classic elegance, perfect for traditional cakes.

Platform Stands

Modern and sturdy, ideal for contemporary designs.

Reeded Stands

Textured sophistication, adding an artistic touch.

Scandi Style Stands

Sleek, minimalistic, and stylish.

Wooden Cake Stands

Rustic charm for a natural look.

Geometric Stands

Unique shapes for a modern twist.

Metallic Stands

Luxurious finishes in gold, silver, and more.

Floral Crowns

Independently encompasses your entire cake in flowers.

Display Stands

Perfect for non-traditional wedding desserts.

Wedding Cake Styles for 2024

Floral Embellishments

Fresh, edible flowers or greenery enhance the natural elegance, perfect for botanical-themed weddings.

Alternative Desserts

Consider dessert tables with cupcakes, macarons, mini tarts, or cheese wheel cakes for a unique touch.

Vivid Colours

Bold shades like navy, emerald, and black, often accented with metallic touches, create a luxurious effect.

Textured and Painted Cakes

Modern designs featuring abstract buttercream, hand-painted artwork and hand-painted acrylic tiers add an artistic flair.

Naked and Semi-Naked Cakes

Minimal frosting with simple fruit or floral adornments, ideal for rustic themes.

Vintage-Inspired Cakes

Drawing on historical elegance, these cakes feature designs from Art Deco, Victorian, or retro '80s Lambeth styles.


Floating Cake Stands


Innovative and secure, this new product is perfect for those seeking a fairy tale aesthetic for their big day.

Spacers & Separators

Tips for Creating Larger Centrepieces

Use Spacers Creatively
Use spacers to add height and grandeur without extra cake layers. This is a great way to create an incredible centrepiece even if you don't have many guests to feed! Perfect for a smaller wedding when you still want the "wow" factor of a big cake, or for larger weddings when you want to make a multi-tiered cake look even more impactful.

Decorative Elements
Incorporate flowers, figurines, or other decorations to fill in gaps between tiers. This can create a really personal touch to your cake. Why not add hand-painted elements or fill acrylic spacers with items personal to you? Speak to your cake artist about using decorative spacers to create a truly personalised wedding cake that's unique to your day and matches the aesthetic of your venue.

Cake Size Guide

Up to 50 guests:
2-tier cake (6 and 8 inches)

50-100 guests:
3-tier cake (6, 8, and 10 inches)

100-150 guests:
4-tier cake (6, 8, 10, and 12 inches)

150+ guests:
5-tier cake or combination with dessert tables