The Future of Cake Security, Today.

PropSecure is the ultimate answer to securing your cake separators with ease, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters - taking your creations to new heights.



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Our PropSecure Pins are available to purchase with each separator or separately. Separators that are available in the PropSecure range are:

  • Round and Square Floating Tier Side Bar Cake Separators
  • Round Z Bar Cake Separators
  • Central Bar Cake Separators

We also have a new range of premium, reusable PropSecure Acrylic Cake boards that work seamlessly with our PropSecure Separators.

Please look for PropSecure in the product title when purchasing.

PropSecure FAQ's

What separators are PropSecure Compatible with?

PropSecure launches with our signature Side Bar, Z Bar, and Central Bar. View the collection below and compatible separators all have PropSecure in the title.

PropSecure will be rolled out as a universal system across more of our best selling separators COMING SOON.

When will my pre-order be despatched?

We will endeavour to despatch all pre-orders as quickly as possible. Currently, orders for the PropSecure launch bundle and pins will be despatched from Friday 3rd February onwards.

We estimate other products available to pre-order in the PropSecure range to be despatching towards the end of February for delivery late-February onwards. We will keep the pre-order shipping details updated so please check back for the latest.

How does PropSecure work with cake boards?

We thought of that too! Also availble to pre-order are our new range of reusable 3mm acrylic cake boards, experly designed to work seemlessly with PropSecure, adding to the grand illusion. These will initially be available in 4"- 8.25". Alternatively, you can adapt your regular cake boards if you would prefer.

Is PropSecure for Dummy or Real cakes?

PropSecure can be used with both real and dummy cake tiers, of course! Please follow our guidelines and advised weight limits still apply.

What can I do if I lose a pin?

Fear not! Both pins and fasteners will be available to purchase seperately in sets of 3.

I have an original, will PropSecure work with this?


Unfortunately, our PropSecure system will not work with original separators.

Of course, we want to ensure we've thought of all our loyal customers and therefore have created a couple of launch options for you.

1) We've heavily discounted the launch bundle to ensure this is accessible for all and provides a great opportunity to expand your collection.

2) It's taken careful consideration and years of development to create a system that will be universal across our range of products. Therefore, you only need to invest in this flexible system once and not pay a premium on each further addition to your collection.

3) WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! FOR THE LAUNCH MONTH ONLY - ending 28th February 2023 - We are really pleased to be able to offer a trade in option so you can secure the latest innovation. Please purchase your pre-order at this exclusive launch price and keep your eyes peeled for how to return your original separator for up to £25 cashback. All details are included in our trade in form that is available at the bottom of this page.

Can I adapt my current separator?

While it is possible to retrofit your original separator with pin holes, we would advise ensuring you have the correct tooling to do so. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase the drill bit and guide to do so. PLEASE NOTE: Our range of PropSecure acrylic cake boards will most likely not align with manual drilling.

Do I still need to dowel my cake?

Yes! Absolutely. Always for any tiered cakes. We advise dowelling adaquately as with any tiered cake.

Please take a look at our YouTube channel for guidelines, tips and tricks for ultimate success.

What is PropSecure?

Just why is everyone talking about PropSecure? Find out with Jen from Cakey Lulu's!

PropSecure Trade In Program

Our PropSecure Trade In Program ended 28th February 2023