Exclusively designed and manufactured by Prop Options, our unique range of floating cake stands and separators have taken the cake world by storm placing us firmly on the map. Now shipping internationally, floating cake stands and separators continue to be among our most popular products and have fast become every cake designers dream when wanting to add a touch of drama to their creations. In this blog, we dive into the world of floating tiers and take a look at using these on trend pieces.

What is a floating tier cake separator?

With endless design possibilities, our range of floating cake spacers enables you to add height to your cakes with ease. Essentially replacing a cake tier completely, these separators are placed between your cake tiers and can be decorated in numerous ways to give the illusion that your cake is floating. A range of sizes and designs ensure you have ultimate flexibility when designing the style of your cake.

4 tiered floating cake using central bar separator

Credit: @cakebuds_uk using a Central Bar!

Is it cake spacer or separator?

We’re glad you asked! Within the cake world, cake separators, cake spacers and even cake risers all refer to the same style of product and are each designed to add height to your cake. There is no right or wrong and is purely down to the individual.

What floating tier designs are available?

At Prop Options, we currently have a range of stainless steel and white powder coated products for you to choose from when designing your cake. Designed exclusively by us, these include our Z Bar, Central Bar and Side Bar stainless steel cake spacer.

Floating side bar cake separator

Prop Options' exclusive floating Side Bar cake separator

Made using high-quality, food-safe stainless steel, these cake spacers offer the perfect way to add height and a touch of illusion to your cake. Simply place the spacer in between two cake tiers and decorate the bar to achieve a floating illusion.

As an alternative option, we also offer our very popular exclusive collection of Acrylic Tiers which can be used to create your floating illusion.

What is the difference between a floating cake separator and stand?

Floating cake separators are placed in between your cake tiers whereas a floating cake stand would sit at the base of your cake and act as your main platform. Our range of stainless steel spacers are primarily designed as separators and not stands. If you are looking to create the illusion that your entire cake is levitating, then we would recommend using one of our signature Acrylic Fillable Stands instead. Ultra-polished and crystal clear, these stands provide the perfect platform to achieve the illusion that your cake is floating! Furthermore, a removable lid means they can also be styled in unlimited ways and even kept as a treasured keep-sake box after any event.

Floating cake stand using fillable acrylic cake tier containing whit flowers

Credit: @cakeylulus and prop.options

Why should I use a floating tier?

Incorporating a floating element into your design offers the perfect way to add a touch of illusion with its gravity-defying abilities. Furthermore, for those who are restricted on time or budget, it is an effective way to increase the overall height of your cake without adding extra cake tiers. With numerous ways to decorate and style, a floating tier can be incorporated into any design specification and will certainly elevate your cake to the next level.

Floating wedding cake using Z bar floating cake spacer

Credit: @storeybook_cakes using a Z Bar!

Is there a weight limit when using floating cake separators?

Our floating tiers are made using high-quality, food-safe stainless steel and are crafted with precision to ensure they are strong enough to support your design. However, we do advise a weight limit of 3.5kg when using our Side Bars and Z Bar separators, and 4.5kg when using a Central Bar. 

Importantly, our Side Bars and Z Bars have a cantilever design meaning they have been specifically designed to have a certain amount of flexibility to allow for manual adjustment and placement. This allows for variation between cake weights, making them suitable to be used with both real cakes and dummy cakes. 

Ready to elevate your cake to the next level?

Head to the shop to browse our full range of floating cake stands and cake separators and lots of design inspiration! And don't forget, get in touch with any questions you may have - we'll be happy to assist!

Styled cake shoot with floating cake using side bar

Credit: @emazingcreationsbyema using a Side Bar!

January 04, 2023 — Team Prop Options