The world of cake stands can be a daunting one at first glance. Whether you're searching for that beautiful pedestal to accompany your tiered wedding cake or the perfect plinth to host your birthday creation, there are an incredible number of options when looking for that showstopper piece.

Here at Prop Options, we know a thing or two about cake stands and love to make the process of finding your ideal match as fun and seamless as possible. If you're just getting started, then we've put together this handy guide to cover the cake stand basics and help you along the way to finding the right stand for you. 

All About Cake Stands

What is a cake stand?

Simply put, a cake stand is a raised platform or pedestal that is used to elevate your cakes, sweet treats and more in order to make them the star of the show. From cupcakes to multi-tiered wedding cakes, these stands are made using a range of materials from natural wood, to expertly crafted ultra-polished acrylic, and come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes giving you ultimate choice and flexibility when looking for a stand to compliment your design.

At Prop Options we pride ourselves on being an international expert on cake stands and use this knowledge to design and manufacture a range of stunning, luxury stands for you to choose from.


prop options cakes stand

Credit: @onepartlovebakery

What's the difference between a cake stand and a cake board? 

A traditional cake board is one that acts as a flat plate on which to construct and decorate your cake. This makes it easier manoeuvre the cake during the decoration process, as well as to and from the cake stand. These are often relatively thin, made using cardboard and are available in a large range of sizes. 

Recent trends in cake design have shown more substantial, solid wood cake boards grow in popularity which often provide a simple and cost-effective way of displaying your cake. 

What's the difference between a cake stand and a cake separator or cake spacer?

While a cake stand gives you a platform to display your cake on, a cake separator, also known as a cake spacer, is a second structure designed to add height and grandeur to your showstopper.


floral white wedding cake with floating cake tier

Credit: @simplyalpa

Separators are placed between multitiered cakes and are available in a large range of styles. Options such as our very own floating side bar separator or ultra-clear, fillable acrylic clear make it possible to create gravity-defying illusions while providing you with even more freedom to get creative. 

Why would I need a cake stand?

Cake stands are an integral part in creating your stunning showstopper. Indeed, there are several reasons why it is an aspect of your design that shouldn't be overlooked. Not only does the right stand elevate your cake to new heights, but it can also add a sense of depth, colour and sophistication to ensure your centrepiece makes a lasting impression. Your chosen stand acts as the final piece of a perfectly formed puzzle.

It has the power to pull the design together, creating the masterpiece which you have envisioned from the start. Whether it be for your wedding day, birthday, or simply to showcase your latest cake creation, there's no doubt that the perfect cake stand will help propel your cake design to stardom. 

colourful pink multi-tiered wedding cake display using acrylic fillable tier separators

Credit: @misshavishamscakes

Choosing Your Perfect Cake Stand

While the overall look and aesthetics are no doubt important, when choosing your cake stand it is vital to consider the size and weight of your cake. 

What size cake stand do I need? 

As a general rule of thumb, your cake stand should be the same size, or bigger, than the bottom tier of your cake. Under normal circumstances, we would never recommend the stand to be smaller as this will risk unbalancing your cake which could result in disastrous consequences! The top plate should also be completely flat to avoid any dips from appearing on the top of your cake. 

Overall, the size of your cake stand will be governed by the size of your finished cake. The more tiers you add or decoration you incorporate, the larger you cake stand may need to be. If you are unsure or have questions about what size cake stand you may need then it is always safest to ask for your baker’s recommendation. 


lulu cake on a stand

Credit: @cakeylulus

Will my cake stand be strong enough?

Another very important factor to consider is the weight of your cake. A stand suitable for a single tier cake may not be the right choice if your cake has two or more tiers. Unfortunately, not all cake stands are made equal and here a lot will depend on the quality of the cake stand you choose and where you purchase it from. It's important to make sure the stand you have is up to the challenge. To do this you can always test the stands durability and strength using weights.

We have a variety of stands to suit all designs and creations from a single cupcake, to the heaviest of tiered cakes. Our rigorous manufacturing process ensures every stand we make is specifically designed for its intended purpose and we're here to help you choose the best cake stand for your display. 

What colour should my cake stand be?

Moving back towards the aesthetics, the colour of any cake stand is an important factor when considering the overall look you would like to achieve. Colour can add a splash of vibrancy to a simpler creation, compliment a specific feature of your cakes design, and even act as an extension of your wider colour scheme. 

From a timeless white to a more striking black, natural wooden hues are also a popular choice, and you can also add shine to any occasion with stands such as our metallic geometric range or square gold plinths.

Who can I ask for guidance when choosing between cake stands?

Your cake designer or baker should always be able to guide you to make sure you choose a stand that will be suitable for your cake. But of course, we're always here to help. So if you find yourself puzzled in a sea of cake stands, please do get in touch with any questions and we will always do our best to ensure the process is as simple and easy as possible.

Where can I purchase a cake stand?

Regardless of the event, we've got you covered! Whatever look you wish to achieve for your centrepiece, whether it be single tier or multi tier, cupcake or cake pop, here at Prop Options we have the best range of stands available, enabling you to unleash your creativity and find your cakes style match!

Head to the shop to browse our full range or read on for some of our favourite inspiration! And don't forget, get in touch with any questions you may have - we'll be happy to assist!

Our range of stands include pedestal, platform stands and boards.

Inspirational stands from Prop Options

A touch of charm

Our stunning Scandinavian birch range adds charm to your centrepiece. 

birthday cake on natural wooden cake stand

A mirror finish

These beautiful square and rectangle spacers add height and sophistication to any occasion, but can also be used as separate stands along with the metallic gold plinth to showcase a larger display.


mirror finish
Credit: @bouchra_sugar_designer

Geometric perfection

One of our most popular ranges of cake stands, these geometric pieces work seamlessly together to create a visually appealing spectacle that will not be forgotten.

floral wedding cake with geometric cake separator
three tiered white wedding cake with gold cake stand and bird cage cake separator.
Credit: @cakeylulus

Glass? No, this is the 21st century!

Our ultra-polished show-stopping range of acrylic stands, spacers and clear tiers provide ultimate creative freedom that will add the wow-factor to any table display!

wedding cake on wooden cake board using decorated clear fillable tier
Credit: @onepartlovebakery
tiered cake on gold hairpin leg cake stand with clear acrylic spacers
Credit: @bouchra_sugar_designer
March 17, 2021 — Danny Bradley