PropTrends #6 - Defying Gravity With The Floating Cake Tier

We're back with the 6th edition of PropTrends, offering the opportunity for you to feel inspired and shop the hottest designs in the industry! If you're looking for inspiration but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. In this issue we're floating on cloud 9 as we enter the gravity-defying world of the Floating Tier Side Bar cake separator!

Here at Prop Options HQ we continue to be in awe of the incredible floating creations brought to life by our fabulous customers! While our list of favourites is longer than your weekly shopping list, we've selected nine incredible designs that have mastered the magic of the floating tier.

Which of these will inspire you to recreate with your own innovations. 


Capturing our hearts with these understated pink tones, @perfectcakesco has created a modern architectural masterpiece, perfectly softened with dried flowers and grasses.


What is not to love about this romantically elegant cake from @hippbakes? A masterpiece that effortlessly floats atop a luxurious bow, this design is set to become a classic.


@debbiecakeartistry creates an atmospheric showstopper combining bold colours and delicate marbling with a tropical flair to provide the ultimate wow factor.


@bella.and.bean elevates their design with ease and elegance, opting to add a striking splash of gold to showcase a contemporary illusion that needs no introduction.


Bringing an artistic flair that exudes love and joy, @marilucakestudio's use of bright colours and fresh florals provide an elegant, natural style that floats us into happiness.


Multiple techniques merge to create a masterful floating tier design by @cakes.that.lan.did. A combination of mediums, textures and shape ensure this creation will become a treasured memory.


Another cracking design from @perfectcakesco, this time creating a fabulous bicycle illusion. Greens and golds add a sophisticated touch to this fun birthday celebration!


Ethereal beauty from @annalewiscakedesign who combines crisp, clean lines with gorgeous textural tones to create floating perfection that has us weak at the knees.


Taking inspiration from the majestic peacock, this stunning wedding cake from @cakesbysejal showcases an array of vibrant florals, captivating your attention and imagination.

Create your very own gravity defying illusion with our PropSecure® Floating Side Bar Separator!