As a brand that finds itself at the heart of so many weddings, we are extremely proud to celebrate all love and believe every individual should be free to express themselves and be their authentic self without fear or persecution. 

In celebration of Pride, we wanted to share just a selection of stunning wedding photos of happy couples on their special day...and their fabulous cakes of course! 


An atmospheric masterpiece that has us weak at the knees, everything about this photo sings joy and love. The design from Miss Havisham's Cakes compliments the setting perfectly while ensuring the newlyweds remain front and centre. 


The pure joy and bold colours combine to make this a photo to cherish for years to come. Blossom Dream Cakes presents a design that truly showcases this gorgeous couples happy day! 


The cake cutting is always a magical moment and this snapshot from Iris Street Bakery captures this moment perfectly for this beautiful couple as they celebrate their special day! 


Offering an air of sophistication and glamour, the understated tones and outdoor location combine perfectly for this stunning couple, creating a photo that speaks a thousand words! Aimee Ford has created a wonderful cake design that compliments the moment perfectly. 


Overflowing with joy and love, this cake-cutting moment showcases everything we love about wedding. A true celebration of love and happiness between these fabulous newlyweds, which Chell Bells Cakes has shared so vibrantly.


Bringing his exquisite designs to their own wedding celebrations, I Am Kake King shares this beautiful and special moment that transports you into their world of love and newly married life.

June 23, 2023 — Danny Bradley