2024 Cake Trends with Maya Dahlia Cakes

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for cake design and we're absolutely delighted to welcome Krishma of Maya Dahlia Cakes to offer her thoughts on the cake trends you will not want to miss this year.

Let Krishma introduce you to the hottest cake trends of the year!

Using my 15 years of experience in creating wedding cakes in London, seeing various trends come and go, these are my predictions for cake trends in 2024 that will dominate the wedding cake scene.

#1 Lambeth Wedding Cakes

You may already have seen these 19th century pieces of edible art pop up on your social media channels, however 2024 will be a year of bakers pushing and developing this trend. As always, we creatives love to take a great idea and make it our own, so my prediction is that you can expect to see more striking colour variations and intricate hand piped details on 2 and 3 tier wedding cakes this year.

#2 Monochrome With Movement

This year expect to see more muted tones, as the trend for natural, earthy and organic colours continues to grow.

Movement using edible mediums will also grow to another level. Florals, as pretty as they are, will become less of a feature as cake artists continue to defy the laws of gravity and use icing, wafer paper and rice paper (to name a few tools) to bring height, depth, and now movement, to their cakes. Bye bye to 3-dimensional cakes and hello to 4D!

#3 Intriguing Shapes

In the 15 years that I have been catering to the wedding cake market, there is one question that get asked repeatedly – “Can you make something in a unique shape”, the answer being ‘yes - of course!”

This year as brides and grooms seek an ever more personalized and bespoke service from their cake suppliers, I envisage a rise in the use of quirky shapes, out of the box silhouettes and very clever use of cake spacers.

#4 Cakes That Aren't Cakes

In the quest for an avant-guard wedding cake that leaves instaram and tiktok users flustered with excitment, I expect there to be more demand this year for the cake that isn’t actually a cake. So long as it looks vaguely cake shaped and is made from something sweet, the ‘fake cake’ or ‘wedding cake alternative’ is going to stamp its mark in 2024. Wacky examples range from pancakes to churros - I’ve even heard the idea of cinnamon buns being rolled around!

The delicious Italian Millefoglie is another perfect example of this. The Italian wedding cake tradition started to spread its way around Europe last year, and I expect that will continue in 2024. This cake alternative also has the added element of ‘live decorating’, as the couple can decorate it in front of their guests before cutting into it. This interaction with your wedding cake, making the ceremony more fun to watch, is also something I think we will continue to see this year.

As tradition falls out of favour, and contemporary ideas and styles take prominence, I think 2024 will be a year of pushing cake design boundaries and elevating wedding cakes to a new tier!

About Krishma

Krishma Maya Mandalia, professionally known as Maya Dahlia Cakes, has dedicated herself to the art of baking since 2008. With more than 15 years of experience, Krishma’s journey into the world of baking began as a passionate venture alongside her role as a consultant in the corporate sector. Transitioning from the fast paced environment of the city, Krishma took the bold step to pursue her culinary passion full-time.

Maya Dahlia Cakes has become an established brand in the wedding world, taking Krishma to various corners of the globe where she has showcased her baking skills at international events, for celebrities, and on television.